In the last few years, FashionKids became one of the biggest fashion portals of children’s fashion and lifestyle of the world. Sharing daily inspirations, news and trends for parents and enthusiasts of this universe, the portal pleased the public and nowadays has an audience of more than 4 million people in our medias. 3.6M 248K 444K

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With the goal of bringing fashion information, design and all that is more current in the children’s universe, in the middle of 2012, me and my wife  Michelle Dorigon created the FashionKids.

Aways made with love and persistence, soon our content became viral and in October 2013, already with 1.3 million followers on Instagram, the FashionKids won the world being featured in several newspapers as International Daily Mail, HuffingPost among others.

And since staying only in theory was not that fun anymore, we decided to put FashionKids universe in a more practical way – In April of 2015 our daughter Lívia Dorigon was born! So we could use these inspirations and live the wonderful feeling of having our little fashionista.

In these four years of FashionKids, we had the opportunity to work with several brands from all continents as well as participate in the last five editions of Pitti Bimbo that is the biggest and most important event of the children’s market that happens in Florence, Italy. 

Our mission is to draw smiles, bring inspirations and share joy… You’re very welcome!

Wilson Dorigon
CEO & Founder