Low bun or high bun? Learn where, how and everything about the most famous mini fashionistas hairstyle!

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It has been a while since we didn’t dedicate this space to talk about hair, so now we brought one more theme to be used as an inspiration for the little girls. The buns are very well accepted by moms (not so much by the daughters), RS…with a new look through the catwalks, it put the simplicity aside and became a luxury hairdo!

It’s not difficult to find it in some children campaigns of Dolce & Gabbana and Monnalisa, for instance, two glamorous brands that look attentively for the best to dress the little princesses, and the context is impeccable, for sure, escaping the ordinary.

Start doing a high ponytail arranging the strands carefully with hairpins attaching them at the top of the head.

For girls with fine hair, below we will show a step-by-step to give more volume using a pantyhose or a donut.

For those moms with short time, bet on a messy bun (that one you do without worrying to keep everything in the right place).

Much more discerning than ever before, the buns gained sizes and different types, some easier and other ones a bit more complex.

The low bun is classic and charming, used in formal occasions and parties, with a bit of hairspray and hairpins to keep it in the right place for a longer time.

Changing the place, as a side bun, you create a modern style.

The high bun (the princess style) is the star of the latest seasons. Bold and easygoing it will turn the girl into a mini fashionista.

Our Fashion Kids are always in our Medias with this bun, check it out and don’t miss the opportunity to make part of this!

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