You probably have seen all kinds of buns lately: high, messy, half bun, among other variations, but our hairstyle is somewhat different. For those who rebember, back in the 00’s, the Spice Girls and Cristina Aguilera were famous that wore the DOUBLE BUN!

You may have seen some of the most popular celebrities nowdays wearing it too, like Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Rihanna. Today we are going to propose a step by step with our favorite hairstylist, Ricardo Rodrigues, from Studio W!

A little help to the moms practise this trend at home and, of course, keep our FK’s aways up to date!

Our hint is: Weat it in hot days, with fun and cheeful looks!

Let’s start? We have prepared an exclusive version with a combination of bun and braid, created by our hairdresser!

1 – Split the hair in two parts.


2 – Choose one of the sides to start. Take small sections, braiding them from the bottom to the top.


3 – The braid must follow a straight line, taking all the strand side


4 – Finish the braid to the end of the hair length.


5 – Do the same thing on the other side.


6 – Finish the two sides with a thin elastic.


7 – On the top of the head, round the braid to create a bun.


8 – Finish it with a hair clip, behind the bun.


9 – Do the same thing on the other side.


10 –  With a hair clip, fasten the french braid.


11 – There you go, your DOUBLE BUN is done!


Liked it? It’s super easy to do! Share with us your results!

Gabrielle Leal

Gabrielle Leal

Gabrielle Leal, marketing student, producing content Fashion Kids since 2013, unconditional Pinterest lover, love a diy and is fan of children who dress better than you!

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