You’ve probably heard at least one song, have seen some costume and even a themed children’s party from the movie ‘ Frozen ‘, if you didn’t you are not at the same world as me! lol

It became a fever among the girls and today we bring walkthrough of Elsa’s coronation hairstyle for you to do at home, but don’t worry, we have prepared the simplest of all times for you to turn this fantasy into a reality!

We finish with a perfect end our series of hairstyles, with our hairdresser specialist in hairstyling, Ricardo Rodrigues from Studio W, working on Heloisa’s long hair!

Let’s start? You only need a comb and a hair elastic to do the Elsa hairstyle!

1 – Divide the hair aside and make a thin braid pulling the side hair strings


2 – Finish the braid to the end of the hair.


3 – Do a bun, rolling the braid up in a circle.


4 – Loosen the hair strings to add volume to the hairstyle and there you go! img_4465

Now, enjoy the play and match the hairstyle with a costume to use in the next party!


Our thanks to Ricardo Rodrigues, who besides being one of the most importants hairdressers in Brazil and ambassador of great brands, manages to reproduce his art also with our little ones!


Gabrielle Leal

Gabrielle Leal

Gabrielle Leal, marketing student, producing content Fashion Kids since 2013, unconditional Pinterest lover, love a diy and is fan of children who dress better than you!

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