If you saw our last post of the most fashionable hairstyle moment: Boxer Braid, you will enjoy a lot this second round!

The expert in hairstyles, Ricardo Rodrigues , reused the boxer braid to build a stylish hairstyle, more elaborate and very simple to do!

Have a special event and wants to change the girl’s hair at home? Step by step with easy tips to get started!

1 – Make sure you have learned how to make the boxer braid -> here.

braid trança

2 – After choosing a side, cross the braid around the center line up.


3- Secure the braid’s sections with hair clips.

braid Hair trança

4-With the rest of the braid, go around the front of the head. Do the same on the other side!

trança braid hair

5 – With a hair clip, fasten the two braids close to the neck, to hold the hairstyle.

braid Hair trança

6-Finalize the front, holding the ends between the braid.

braid Hair trança

7-With the tip of a comb, slide out the sides to give volume to the hair.

trança braid hair

Ready! Your salon hairstyle, simpler than you imagined!

braid Hair trança trança braid hair trança braid Hair

Liked it? Do your hairstyle too  and share with us, maybe we publish here! 😉

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