That’s right. You better forget about dyeing when it comes to colourful hair! Especially, if you’re thinking about doing it in your daughter/son’s hair because it’s not healthly safe for them which doesn’t mean they can’t have a fun hairdo. To apply colours on a kid’s hair you should try the chalk tecnique.

Yes, you can literatelly chalk their hair with whatever colour they choose. All you have to do is find a specific non-oil-based pastels and separate for the applying moment: water, a flat iron and a towel. And then you’re ready to chalk the hair!

It’s easy to do it: wet a part of your hair, literatelly paint the hair with the chalk, dry it with a blowdry and, to make the colour stays, flat iron the hair. In a simple fun way your kid gets a temporary colouful hair and you get to click incredible pictures!


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