Hello Mommies!
Lívia turned 2 last month and we had a little party for her. It was a very intimate thing, for just a few people. I love to take care of all the details and I decided to work on the decoration, although I did not want to spend much!
I started planning and seeing the details 2 months in advance, I thought it was a bit over the top, but it served as an experience for others events. Last year, as we rented a children’s buffet, I practically only cared about the decoration and I assure you that the worries are much smaller, but I do not regret it!
I know that lots of moms like me, dont’ leave a date like this without a celebration, so I’ll pass on some tips that served as experience for me to organize my little one’s party!



1) Decoration


I started with the decoration, because it’s the part that I like the most lol.
Since I do not have the gift of creating something from the scratch, I got in touch with Stella from Caraminholando, (she had already helped me with Lívia’s baby shower: ‘She is a dear’) and opened my heart to what I was thinking. I’m obsessed with children’s room decor these days and had researched some party references at Pinterest with minimalist items and pastel colors and I was sure I wanted something with this idea.
After our talk, she came to my house and saw Livia’s room to evaluate all the items we had, she also visited the party hall we have in our Condo to get an idea of space and the items available there that we could use.
Estela noticed that the party hall’s wallpaper matched the theme and we decided that it would be cool to take advantage of it, besides, we get in touch with Achaditos a company that normally sells decor items, but this time they rented for us, I got super happy! The company Selma Balões surprised me the day of the party with the balloons that gave a special touch to the party.

7 - 17

8.1 -127

With the intention of creating something new we decided to have a party with the theme ‘Party to play’, which made all sense, since we put items from Livia’s room that she really plays in her day to day. It was a success, because the protagonist of the party really enjoyed everything we did!
About the final result of the party table, it was funny because we talked about loose ideas and I created an idea in my head and when I went down on the day of the party to see how it was, I almost fell back, because it was even more beautiful than I thought! That’s way I say it’s a gift to get random ideas and make it into children’s decor!

1 - 104


2) Guest’s list


We decided to make a party for a few people, approximately 60 adults and 20 children, only friends and close relatives, and this is the beginning of everything, to define place, menu, souvenirs, invitation…
I usually use excel to do this type of list, but this time I ended up doing in the notepad of my cell phone. Always separating the list into two parts: adults and children, the childrens in front of their parent’s name, and it is important to also putthe children’s age, since the calculations for souvenirs and food has diferent dealings.


3) Set the Location


With the list ready, it was easier to define where to do the party. As it was only for a few guests, we did it in the party hall of our condo, which accommodates well the people, has a good structure, playground option for children, space to place the rented toys, has a female and male toilette, tables and chairs, kitchen with refrigerator, stove and freezer…And it got easier for us, after all we were practically at home! Lol

12 - 35


4) Menu


With the guest’s list and the number of people defined, you can also set what you will serve at the party. I used the site below to calculate the amount of food and drinks that I should buy:
http://www.parangole.com.br/1548/calculadora/ Although afterwards I bought a few things more and others a little bit less, but it helped as reference.
My sister-in-law is the owner of Doces Le Dolce who also prepares food for parties so I decided to order her ready-to-serve dishes at the party, the menu was as follows: Shredded beef with mini breads, variety of snacks (ordered from a company) zucchini salad, spiced
Obs. I rented a reachout to keep the shredded meat with the sauce warm during the party.
I bought some ready popcorn bags, made colored jelly cups and cut some fruits: strawberry, kiwi, mango and pineapple. I put them in transparent cups on the day of the party and to accompany I made a chocolate ganache.

15 - 71

Besides, we had sweets that made all the difference…The Doces Le Dolce, made lemon brigadeiros and brigadeiros gourmet (brigadeiro is a typical Brazilian candy), coconut candy, and french crullers (amazing!!!) and, in a large amount so anyone could have it. Soul sweet fmade the candy’s decorative table: red fruits tartelletes, passion fruit tartelette with mini macaron, and a nest of meringue with raspberry, besides the candy color cake, everything beautiful and delicious. And to finish our candy quota, we had macarons (that delicious French recipe) sent by Priscila Macarrons very unique !!!

6 - 16

4 - 5


About the candy, I always calculate more than normal, after all I love it and the also do the kids!!!


5) Souvenirs


I wanted something that wasn’t ordinary and discovered a company named Cactácea Urbana that make souvenirs with cacti or succulents, I found it very unusual and got super excited! Soon I got in touch with them and I was surprised with the gardening kit that they make as souvenirs, with all the items and explanation of how to plant, and comes with a personalized vase with the theme of the party. It was love at first sight! Even the moms probably loved it…

34 - 2

33 -38


6) Invitations


The invitations are only sent after you set the theme and I chose to do only an electronic version of it to make the delivery easier. I started to send it with 1 month in advance, this way the guests could plan their schedules.


7) Staff to Help


I chose to hire a person to help us at the time of the party, to serve and help with the collection of the papers/garbage.
I could not stop talking about the help of the family, they were essential in the in the arrangement of the party hall, of food’s table etc.


8) Pictures


Super important, we make so many plans, execute them and in the end we have t
o register everything, right!!? After all, these are the records that will always be on her mind.
We hired Thais Thomazzoni,a friend that does newborn photos (she was the one that photographed Livia with 7 days of life!!!) and all the photos were beautiful <3

26 - 118

29 - 252


9) Space for children to play


We separated a space from the party hall to place wooden toys that we rented from Carrousel Brinquedos, they are very educational and still have the monitors that entertain the children with games, face paintings soap bubbles.

24 - 206

18 - 78

There were costumes too, which contributed to the playful part of the party! It was fun and the children did not even want to leave there to play in the toys from the condo…
I can guarantee that the parents could enjoy more of the party this way 😉


10) Other Details:


When preparing for the day of the party, it is important to remember of:

• Try to adjust the routine and schedule before the party so the children can sleep or rest (difficult task here at home);
• Bring an extra change of clothes for the baby/child in case he/she gets dirty, besides the clothes for the happy birthday time. Very important, take a few servings of milk powder and the kid’s bottle, the diaper kit, moistened tissue and ointment (if applicable);

27 - 183


• Carry a cleaning kit with floor cloth, disinfectant, detergent, bushing, trash bags and broom;
• To buy the disposable ones: napkins, little plates, metal adornments, little forks, among others;
• Be sure to bring a hand towel, paper, and soap in the toilets (in my case, the space already provided these things);
• Leave a box and a pen on the gift’s table so your guests can write their names in the gift. ( I forgot that!);
* Ahhh…after the happy birthday we popped the “Big Balloom”…It’s something from our childhood that I found super nice to rescue! (For those who are not from Brazil, it’s kinda like beating the piñata at a birthday party).

31 - 263

32 - 264

I hope that you can be inspired by my experience and have beautiful parties with lots of love and dedication. Thanks from my heart to everyone who participated in this moment and contributed to all this happen!





Michelle Dorigon

Michelle Dorigon

Vivendo intensamente a rotina de mãe, mulher de negócios e compartilhando muitas experiências da vida real! Mamãe da Lívia e gravidinha do Levi! ****************** Living intensely the routine of mother and business woman and sharing many real life experiences! Mother of Livia and Levi's gravy!

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