If you’re a parent and travel often with the little ones, you will understand how useful BedBox JetKids can be and why they sold millions of it per year.

We know how hard it is to keep the children comfortable inside the airplane with a limited space, you can divide the kid’s weight between the parents, hold them for hours until your arms get tired and yet the little one will not be in the best position and this can make the travel not only tiring but also stressful.

I’m going to tell you a brief story of people who saw this need and created something innovative!

Christina and her husband Halvor Holmgren (former aeronautical engineer and airline captain) had already gone through this, as do thousands of families every day at the airports.

The idea was getting improved during 6 years, they created a brilliant ‘suitcase’! It tuns into an airplane bed, BedBox is perfect for babies of 0 up to 7 years old kids.

Ps; You can use the BedBox on travel trains as well. 😉


It works as a seat with wheels. Once you’re on the plane, it turns into a comfortable bed, where kids can rest their feet and sleep comfortably during the flight. The mattress that comes with the suitcase does not take up much space, so you can put that favorite toy on it and keep the trip fun.


And the best thing is, it was thought exclusively for the kids to carry and have fun through the aisles of the airports, with the right weight and size of a handbag.

That’s all the parents were expecting, check out below other kids who approved the BedBox!


Gabrielle Leal

Gabrielle Leal

Gabrielle Leal, marketing student, producing content Fashion Kids since 2013, unconditional Pinterest lover, love a diy and is fan of children who dress better than you!

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