If you could increase family travel even more, have you thought about about which items to add?

We are sure that many things cross through your head, however we doubt that a suitcase with the shape of dog is one of them…until now!

Bontoy 02

Bontoy 01


The Bontoy Traveller, developed by the Korean brand Bontoy, has as main goal to entertain the little ones during short and long trips and, to make such thing possible, the creators thought of nearly everything.

Besides having a super friendly shape (that guarantees the success in the airport mats around the world), the suitcase allows that his owners ride on it through airports, bus stations or other ways.

And not to disturb the others, the wheels of the bag were designed to make as much silence as possible.

To have your favorite pieces from the inside of the suitcase always on hand, the Bontoy Traveller has an easy-access compartment that allows the little ones to keep their toys, favorite books, snacks and whatever else they need in a practical way.

Bontoy 03

Bontoy 05


Interested in having one? It can be found on websites like Amazon with a price starting at $289.

Another amazing item top ut in your kid’s wishlist…

Bontoy 07

Bontoy 08

Bontoy 10




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