A bed or a van? What if it could be both?


blankThose who follow FashionKids knows that every now and then we find around there children’s beds with incredible designs and it gave us material enough to do some  posts as you can check here and here.

And if you think you’ve seen it all in the world of children’s beds, we introduce you to Bun Van, the van that turns into a bed and  will make little (and big) adventurers vibrate with joy.

Created by the company Circu, it is made of fiberglass and its interior is made of wooden plates with several compartments, a bed, tv, mini bar and a sofa.

Curious to know how much is this treat? On the company’s website it is possible to make the budget and, who knows, have one to call your own.

Check it out!


Flavia Araujo

Flavia Araujo

Compulsive reader, tv series addicted, pet lover and probably the most curious person in the world.

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