If like me, you just love to throw a party, you can not miss the following tips.

Parties at home are making a big comeback, there is a new concept that less is more. And was with that in mind that I will teach you how to build a party table with things you already have at your house, but first, let’s make a Garland together that will leave the table even more cute! This is so easy, drop the creativity and make one too.

You will need:

Two sheets of printed Color Set paper (you can easily find it at stationery stores)




Perforator/Retracting Safety Utility Knife


Quick drying glue

We started making a mold of your choice (heart/circle/star), here we will use a triangle.

It is important to make a mold for all cutouts come out exactly the same.

We used 16 triangles, one tip is to always cut the amount into ‘even’ numbers so it gets easier when it comes to centering on the table.


The next step is to make the holes where the string will pass.

In case you don’t have a perforator, you can use the retracting safety utility knife and do a cut in a shape of ‘cross’.

Pass the string, here I’m using a colorful one, but you can use a raw string too.

They will probably be curved because they are light weight, like those in the image:

But that’s okay, just glue one end in the other and we will have this result.

There you go! Your garland is ready, and you can do as many as you want. Let’s now set the table!


To make the assemble easily, choose piece of furniture that is not so large. It will fir easily and give a fuller effect. If possible, choose a neutral wall, this way it will not look visually disturbing. You can also set the table in front of a curtain, and hold the garland on a pole.

Now, just set a theme and/or the color palette you want to use! A basic rule in assembling a table is that it must have different heights.

And the cake (the most expected and wanted by all lol) must be visible and a little more elevated. It does not have to be necessarily in the middle of the table, nowadays there are not so many rules when it comes to the configuration of the table, which makes easier to be creative.

So let’s go!

I used a niche (from the babies room) with a board, that’s right…A board to raise the cake.

Oh, I can not forget the support for candies that I made, using a bowl with a dish on top (both black and disposable, they need to be acrylic, to have stability).

Another tip, is to buy candies in the color palette of your table, this makes it look harmonic and avoids the need to make customizations.

I also used the poster from the babies room.

In the white cups of dessert, we can serve a fruit salad, popcorn etc. I also used shot glasses with the idea of ​​a candy that you eat with the spoon, and a lollipop cup (for the cup stand still you have to put coarse salt inside it).

The juice jar supported by a gift box, was a charm! It gets more interesting if the juice color follows the same palette of the party, if possible; Another option is to serve  flavored water.

The letter ‘V’ and the balls are from the babies!

Liked it? Get inspired by us to set you party table!

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Tamiris Cunha

Tamiris Cunha

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