No more having only inspiring images!

Let’s play with our creativity!

Today, we are going to do a lamp that is going to bring lots of charm to any environment.

We will need:

– A glass jar of your choice
– A little bit of moss (you can easily find them in flower shops)
– Fairy lights


Start by placing the part where the batteries are and leave the fairy light

outsite (if you want to, you can fix it with double-sided tape).

Leave it positioned in a way that you can turn it on and off.


Then place the moss on top to hide the compartment with the batteries.


Place the fairy lights as you wish (the hint is to buy it a bit larger than

the vase so you can completely  fill it, giving to it a very nice effect).


Easy, right? Now  you have a super charming lamp…

Tamiris Cunha

Tamiris Cunha

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