I recently re-discovered the Elo 7 online store.

It had been a long time since I’d been entering in Elo 7, and I was surprised and happy to see so many cool and beautiful stuff, and always with a great price.

For those who don’t know, Elo 7 is the largest website for copyrighted products sales, that is, created by a craftsman, usually small, often authored, and many handmade products.

On the website they explain that it’s mission is to transform the lives of people through a humanized environment for buying and selling, offering sellers simple solutions and practices for managing their sales and for buyers, an amazing shopping experience. Cool, right? I like this concept of affective commerce (by the way, a big trend).

I’ve bought several things on the website, and I like to buy especially party articles, souvenirs, besides to the decorative products and stationery (which the website offers a lot of good stuff).

Today’s post is a curation with products that are 100% for sale on the website. The theme is Nordic forest. I like it because it’s unisex and popular at any age, in addition to the modernity and minimalism that surrounds the theme.

The idea was to mix elements of decoration, with party items, I didn’t follow any logic, only pieces that I liked and that can inspire many compositions.

You can check Elo 7’s website by clicking here.

Now, let’s see the pictures?

Ana Livia Harada

Ana Livia Harada

Ana Livia, graduated in fashion design, works with fashion for 20 years, specialized in kid's fashion, but consider motherhood her true profession.

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