Who’s excited for Christmas? We sure are! And we went in a  search for the best Christmas trees to help you choose (and decorate) the main star of the Holidays decorations.


It’s already there: In the malls and streets decor, in the fairy lights of our neighbors yards, in the typical foods that are already for sale at the super markets…Yeah guys, the year passed in a blink of an eye e here we are, once again living the Christmas spirit! And it feels so good, isn’t it?

The Christmas tree, one of the most importants symbols of celebration and first item of decor to be exposed for the occasion, deserve special attention. We know that some people prefer classic models, with shades of green, red and gold. There are also those who opt for creative models with flashy colors and unconventional adornments. There are still those who run from the exaggerations and choose the minimalists. With that in mind, we have been searching for several types of tree to help you choosing yours.



The traditional decoration gives the cozy and familiar atmosphere that we all love. Ornaments with colors such as red, green, gold and silver can not be missed. Stars, bows and little santas complete the decor. Tip: Tinsels are friends! Use it as much as you can to give the Christmas tree a “full” efect.





If colors are your thing, here you can (and should!) use it without moderation. And if you think the colors are restricted only to ornaments, be aware that there are beautiful colorful trees out there. Tip: White trees highlight the colorful ornaments and neon fits very well in this decoration!




In our search we discovered possibilities that we never even imagined, ranging from tropical ornaments to unicorns.


But the one that made our little eyes shine was the one with the 90’s inspired decoration and it has a tutorial for you to copy here.




Subtlety is the word here and it is in the small details that the charm of the decoration lives. A degradé, a golden object and sometimes a simple rustic accessory can make all the difference.




Who said that the Christmas tree has to be exactly a Christmas tree? Calm down, we explain! Materials such as book sheets, tulle and crepe paper can bring beyond originals trees using a tiny bit of creativity.


Flavia Araujo

Flavia Araujo

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