Giants mostly, scary and owners of the world in prehistory, dinosaurs has always lived in children’s imagination causing lots of curiosity for the little ones.

Such popularity made that, lately, these creatures explore territories never achieved before, taking the decor of houses from all around the world.

References to dinosaurs can be found in accessories, wallpapers and decorative items that highlight the furnishings of any environment.

And to give a taste, we’ve put together our favorite ideas of this trend to inspire you try it in your home as well!

The printed bedding colored and brought fun to the rooms. The cushions brought comfort and a cute touch to the environment. The posters and the dolls guaranteed the cool touch. We loved items combination!

Wallpapers and wall paintings are great. The cool thing about this option is the versatility! You can put it on a single wall, or in the entire room, play with the color palette and choose bright or discrete tones. Option is not lacking here!

For DIY enthusiasts, these ideas are great for details.

Looking for originality and creativity? Those two options are perfect! How about a dinosaur teepee? And do you know that photo or illustration that you found on the internet? A frame can go very well with it!

For more Jurassic options, check out our gallery! =)

Flavia Araujo

Flavia Araujo

Compulsive reader, tv series addicted, pet lover and probably the most curious person in the world.

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