Having a party is always a joy. Tasty foods, loved ones around, fun music…For the people who likes to party, just to start talking about the subject makes them want to throw one, isn’t it?

We know that, despite fun, having a party can sometimes be tricky. Choose the theme, think about which food to serve and planning the guest list are just some of the small obstacles in time to organize the celebration.

So we decided to give a little help to our party people and  bring different inspirations ranging from decorating and cake to festive themes and lots of DIY!

I dare you go through this post without getting in the mood to throw a party! Come with me!

Balloon Panel

This panel made of balloons is the perfect solution for those seeking a minimalist and easy to do backdrop. And also works as a photobooth! Oh Happy Day shows how to do one!

Flamingo Cake


If as much of the world population you also has a crush on flamingos, how about having one of these cakes in your party? Oh Happy Day shows how to do one with coconut and plastic flamingos while Aww, Sam shows how to make  one inspired by the pool floats that we showed here.

party garland cute

Are you going to throw a last-minute party? A Beautiful Mess has the perfect solution for you! All you need is a garland and lots of colors!

ninja turtles party

spiderman party

How about setting up the perfect party for your mini super hero? Spiderman fans can have a great time here. Fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, here.

hula dancer cake topper

If you are planning to have a Hawaiian party, then you need to have one of these hula dancer cake toppers! Tutorial here.


Will throw a small party for a few super special guests? I present to you the cutest mini cakes in the world! Learn how to make these beauties on Aww, Sam.


This delicious donuts pegboard does not require many skills to be done. Basically all you’ll need is a pegboard and lots of donuts! And the best thing is that you can  eat it later! Interested? Here‘s how to do!


Can you imagine if you could replace those regular candles for one that matches your personality? Well, you can! Come see the tutorial!


Everything you need to throw a Curious George party, here.


For a dinosaurs party, nothing more fair than having invitations that comes from a dinosaur egg. Learn how to do this prehistoric cutie here.

Flavia Araujo

Flavia Araujo

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