As soon as I got pregnant with Livia, I started thinking about what our princess’s bedroom would be like, I searched for references on the internet and found rooms in Provencal style, which is still the most popular in Brazil.


We thought about every little detail with so much care, but when she was born, barely stayed at her room. She used to cry a lot because of the cramps and that’s why she slept in my room. I pretty much just changed her diapers and breast feed her in her bedroom, however, over the months, that lovely place was becoming more and more obsolete.


As we moved from our previous house, we decided to totally change the room proposal. At that time, I was studying a lot of the Montessori method to help me deal with Livia’s new behaviors, and there was a part of the method that applied adapting the house to the child’s needs to encourage autonomy and independence. In addition to all this, I began to search for references on the Instagram and was impressed with the playful details and at the same time simple that this kind of decor offers. It was love at first sight!

Foto - 1

Foto - 2

We did the decor little by little and the first choice was house shaped bed in the ground, which allows the child to stand up when she wants with autonomy. The experience that we had was incredible, Lívia used to cry a lot in the crib, certainly she was feeling like a prisoner and from the moment we moved to our new house, she started to sleep in her bed and when she wants to go to our room, she can goes by herself.


An important detail about the bed related to safety, as she’s still little and turns a lot at night, we chose to put protection rolls that prevent her from rolling to the floor, but for those seeking other options, you can also use a grid.

Foto - 3

foto 15

foto 16

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Another detail is related to other furniture and accessories that we put in her room, everything is according to her height; books, toys, activity table so this way, she is free to choose what she wants to do.

foto 18

foto 17

Foto - 8.1


Foto - 10.1

Foto - 10.2

We put a mirror in her height so she can identify herself like the only human being she is, with her own perception of physical recognition. One of these days I dressed her with a wide dress and she ran to the mirror and spoke that “ she is pincess ” and I just laugh.


Foto - 10.3

In addition to these main aspects, we choose playful items, such as charming illustrations, graceful decor items, cute pillows , fun lamps and creative book holders.

Foto - 11.1

Foto - 11.2


foto 20

I am very happy with everything we have done and I am sure that this change was essential for her to enjoy her bedroom and discover a world full of new possibilities and discoveries.


This is our little world that lives in constant change, because I love to change the room. Follow @michelleldoringon because it’s there where I always post the good news!



Brands that made it all happen:

House Shaped Bed: Ueh!? Design Divertido
Crochet Rug, Pineapple Lamp, Ice Cream Lamp, Crochet Sheet and Crochet Ice Cream: Achaditos Decor
House Shelf, Wall Sticker and e Felter Garland: Ateliê Baobá Pitucos
Crochet Name, Flamingo and Deer: Achei O Que Eu Queria
Posters: ALF&mabi
Tent, Knot and Crandle Protector: Oh! LaVie
Bed roll, Comforter and Sheets: Sonho De Mãe
Activity Table and Flamingo Book Holder: Cadô Design
Star Garland, Cloud Pillow, Moon and Star and Cloud Decor Item: Lulu e Frufru
Mirror: TulipaBaby
Chair: Mz4 Design
Chandelier: Decor Luma
Mask: Sunday In Color

Michelle Dorigon

Michelle Dorigon

Vivendo intensamente a rotina de mãe, mulher de negócios e compartilhando muitas experiências da vida real! Mamãe da Lívia e gravidinha do Levi! ****************** Living intensely the routine of mother and business woman and sharing many real life experiences! Mother of Livia and Levi's gravy!

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