Those who likes to be bold in the decor with colorful furniture and fun design, will love the pieces of the Swiss brand Möbelebt.

Handmade by the designer Jorge Alvarez, the full of personality furniture brings a contemporary and cool touch to the children’s environments.

And for those who are into customization, the brand still offers the possibility of adding accessories to their items, with options such as rabbit ears, angel wings, robot antennas, among others. Everything to turn the little one’s corner into a unique place!

There are also options like oversized beds, wardrobes designed according to customer’s need (you can choose, for example, the amount of doors that each one will have), custom shelves… Basically everything you think, Möbelebt does for you.

For those who were curious to know the price of so much pampering, we tell you: They range between $200 and $2000.

Here, we’ve added one of each to our wish list!














Flavia Araujo

Flavia Araujo

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