Plush toys are a passion for most of the little ones and the good news is that several brands are innovating in the characteristics of theirs.



If before the options in the market presented lots of similar models, today things have changed and it is possible to find plush toys with the most varied shapes and colors.

In one of our searches on the internet, we found Noodoll, a British brand that manufactures unusual models such as cute little monsters, cacti and pineapples.

By entering in their website, we discovered that the plushes are divided by characters and we are so enchanted by the cuteness. Also, it is possible to find yours using filters like personality or color.

Each plush has a unique feature and is a great gift idea for both babies and children. The prices range from £ 12.00 to £ 45.00 and store ships to various countries. Besides it is possible to find them around the world in shops resellers.

Check out the cuties!


Flavia Araujo

Flavia Araujo

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