FashionKids readers knows that it has been a while we are talking that animal trophies are trending in decor and it was in a post on the subject (here) that we discovered Papertrophy.



What caught our attention at first glance was the design of the pieces, different from everything we had ever seen out there, but it was researching on the brand that we fell in love for good.

With origin in Berlin, Germany, all the pieces of the brand are machine-cut and pre-fold from high quality eco-friendly paper for precision and quality by local printers. Besides, before going for the client’s house, each product is checked manually to arrive in perfect conditions to its final destination.

Such care is also applied to the production of the animals, which has unique style, with a minimalist touch and a super cool look.

The animals arrive at customer’s house dismantled and comes with markings and glue to help in the assembling. What we like about the idea is that it is possible to ask the kids to help in the task and it gives that DIY feels that we all love.

Papertrophy offers options that please from the most traditionals, with the classic deer, to those who like to escape from the obvious, with dinosaurs and unicorns.

The prices ranges from € 29.90 to € 199 and they ship worldwide. Check out some of their  pieces with us!



Flavia Araujo

Flavia Araujo

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