Those who follow FashionKids must have noticed that, over the years, our passion for fashion has been walking side by side with our passion for decor. And increasingly, we come here to show you the beautiful news we find out there in this segment.


We are always bringing inspirations for children’s rooms, most of the time, with beds and cribs that are everything but ordinary, but we never talked here about an essential thing for them: The layette!

It’s been a while we wanted to make a post about it, but do you know when that ‘little push’ is missing to get started? So…It was missing until one day, looking at news on Instagram, we came across an account that made our eyes shine!

We are talking about Rookie Humans, an American brand, which produces the most stylish sheets that you will see on the internet.

With playful drawings, which remember hand-made painting, each design of the pieces comes in limited version, conferring that exclusiveness that we all love so much.

Rookie Humans 8

Rookie Humans 10

Rookie Humans 9

Another cool thing about Rookie Humans is that although the designs have a very similar visual identity – with fine features and a lot of delicacy – their color palette allows us to set from monochrome layette styles to options full of colors for those who wants to go on vibrant styles.

A curiosity about the brand is that it was thought while its founder admired the sleep of their little ones and took photos of them while they slept. In doing so, she realized the importance of beauty in what served as a backdrop for her photos. Hence the idea of making different and playful sheets.

Tip: If it was beautiful for her photos, will be for yours too! In a quick look at the brand’s Instagram we have a thousand ideas for taking pictures of babies sleeping in the beautiful sheets that we see out there.

Made of 100 % cotton sateen, the sheets besides lovely are super comfortable. And the good News for those who are not in US is that they ship wordwide.

Check it out!

Rookie Humans 1

Rookie Humans 01

Rookie Humans 2

Rookie Humans 03

Rookie Humans 3

Rookie Humans 4

Rookie Humans 5

Rookie Humans 6

Rookie Humans 7




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