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Let’s talk a little bit about rooms that grow with the children and are not dated and out of date?

Toddlers and babies are always in constant evolution and transformation, isn’t it? And in my opinion, nothing smarter than do their room in a versatile way, which has mobility and that grows with them!

Let’s list here, what’s essential in a little baby’s room…

– Crib or a little bed

– Dresser with a changing table

– Armchair for breastfeeding

– Wardrobe

Over the time, when the child is between 1 and 2 years old, we realize that we need more space inside the room for them to play, accommodate and store toys, books…

And that the dresser with changing table is no longer necessary, nor is the crib…

For these reasons, in my projects, I always try to make the woodwork with loose pieces, so we can easily change it, readapt the layout of the room, add and remove items without the need to hire professionals to do the job!

Another point that I’d like to highlight is not making very obvious themed rooms, this way your child’s room will last for many, many years…

You can apply their favorite theme of the moment in accessories that are easy to change, like posters and cushions! (yes, because today they love Paw Patrol, but in 6 months they may be in love with Star Wars….or maybe they love unicorns, but who knows if they will trade them for llamas next year?!! lol)

Kids room can be beautiful, playful and fun, using colors, furniture that are thought for them, but with no spefic themes!

So moms and dads, when going to decorate your children’s room, here are the essentials tips to have a room that grows with them:

– Use loose furnitures so you can change its positions whenever you need

– Choose versatile furniture that changes as the children grow, for example, bed with different hights

– Go for colorful walls, with wallpapers or paintings, mas that don’t have a very restrict theme

– Wallpapers with geometric patterns and wall stickers go super well for children’s room because they give life to the environment and it’s hard to get tired of it

– Don’t get too attached to do everything matching because children deserve all the colours of the world! And mixing is super cool!

See below some examples of rooms that grow with children!

In baby Lorenzo’s room , no cute little baby themes…me and his mom went for timeless walls, which will accompany the little one’s growth, with  black and white crosses wallpaper and blue on the top of the wall! Within the next few months, mom will lower the crib and remove the front grille, turning it into a bed, and the breastfeeding armchair will be traded by a little activity table!

Here’s another example of a baby room, that will, for sure, keeping up with little Dominica’s growth! Her mother, a follower of the Montessori concept, has already skipped the step of having a cradle, and asked me to think of a small, standard single-bed that would accompany her baby girl for a long time! Super fun forest wallpaper, that to me is not a theme, but a landscape! On the other side, we have a dresser with changing table, which in future will be traded for a activitie table! Accessories that complement the decor, remained and possibly will be complemented with the passing years.

That’s it guys!

If you want to give posts suggestions, you can write below in the comments, I will be happy to talk about subjects that you have doubts!!!


Gabi @gabiwork

Gabi Marques

Gabi Marques

Mãe do Bernardo, arquiteta e apaixonada pelo universo de decoração infantil!

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