Learn more about the bike that comes to facilitate your ride!

Taga Bike is a combination of a bicycle with a stroller, an urban vehicle to parents and their kids, that supports up to two children. The facility of transform a simple troller in 20 seconds, brings practicality and let any moment super funny.

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Great for ride in the field and in open spaces, execute fast exits and of course, as a second option when you don’t want to drive, when you want to save money for the gas, the parking lot or help the environment combining the practical with pleasure.

Those mommies that go to the gym or not, can have that extra exercise so necessary during the day.

Can you believe this had not been invented before? The good news is this conceptual project in on sale, for a price that is in line with the benefits provided.

The interested ones will love the video below. Safe, it teaches how to use the two options the product offers.

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3 rsz_taga_4

4 rsz_taga_2

5 rsz_taga_3

6 tagabike

Taga Bikes



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