In the children’s universe, design toys have been gaining more space and enchanting not only children, but also adults.


blankIn the children’s universe, design toys have been gaining more space and enchanting not only children, but also adults.

A beautiful brand that invests in this concept since its debut in the market is Baghera, a french company that creates vintage cars that leave many adults out there wanting one to call their own.

Among the models of the brand, mini versions of classics like the Peugeot 402 and the Citroen DS, plus accessories and parts such as steering wheels, seats and wheels that allows the car’s customization.

And to join this star fleet, Baghera brought a novelty: A Bentley that has already become our dream car.

The novelty was celebrated with a super cute photoshoot, taken by photographer Emily Kornya.

Check it out with us!





Photography: Emily Kornya
Styling: Anastazja Borowska/Pink Wings Studio
Clothing sponsors: Mimisol (for oldest child), Marie-Chantal (younger children)
Models: Kay Georgia (Sugar Kids), Lena and Witek (Pink Wings Models)
Location: Poznań Poland

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