One of the first concerns of the future moms when it comes to thinking about the organization for the arrival of the baby is, hands down, the room where the newest member of the family will rest. And one of the highlights in this process, is where the little one will spend much of his time, since newborns usually sleep a lot: The crib.


Searching for models on the internet, we quickly realize that the options are diverse, but often, we end up finding models that are very similar to each other, which makes it looks the same.


To save the moms of sameness, we made a selection with 15 cribs that looks very different from those that we usually see around there. Our post has a little bit of everything: From vintage iron cribs to modern and colorful models.


Check out our selection and get inspired!

Yellow Crib

Vintage White Iron Crib

Vintage Wood Crib

Bed Nest

Ubabub Crib

Black Crib

Iron Crib

Vintage Wooden Crib

Vintage Iron Crib

unusual crib 2

bed crib

different crib

Vulu Crib

Bamboo Crib

green crib




Flavia Araujo

Flavia Araujo

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