The brazilian fashion is known for it’s irreverence, colors, creativity. A casual outfit, but full of charm and beauty, characteristics which the brazilians are known around the world.

The fashion designer Katia Barros, understood this concept and together with hes partner Marcello Bastos, founded in 1997 a brand named FARM, which became immediately popular among the young and modern brazilian girls.

The success was so big and the recognition was so immediate that the couple launched in 2008 a children’s brand named Fábula.

The brand attends girls from 1 to 10 years old and, despite having the Farm DNA, the outfits are very childlike.

Fabula’s mission is to bring a world full of magic, flowers, dreams, little animals and music in the shape of colors and prints, aways with a story full of humor in each collection.

Highlight for the super comfortable modeling and the fabrics, always 100% cotton.

Another differential is that the brand has a line named “Casinha” with utilities for the kid’s room, that sell pillows with prints of the collection, sleeping bags, pajamas and tents that makes every adult want one for themselves too.

The store is amazing. When you enter into it, seems like you’ve been transported to a fantasy world. Everything inside the store leads us to the playful child world, with hangers with animal shapes, dressing rooms that looks like tents, giant cuchions and sessions of story telling for the kids.

Fabula’s AW 2016 was named “Playing is Urgent” and, as aways, the brand brings lots of prints that remind us good childhood memories: flowers, crayons, watercolors, pets…

The color palette is made with pastel tones, very soft yet very colorfull. Earthy tones, mint green, light blue and yellow stand out.

The collection has printed dresses, cotton t shirts with different kinds of embroidery, shorts, jumpsuits…Lots of accessories like tiaras with little ears, colored pantyhoses, scarves and bags to match with the look.

Fot the little feets, doll shoes made of suede, printed All Star sneakers, leather sandals, polka dot sneakers…

In the “Casinha” line they developed dolls made of fabric and named them Nina and Filó. The dolls  wear tutus and their accessories can be made by the kids, which makes the little ones use their imagination.

Big hopscotchs  were developed so kids can jump outdoor like we used to do in our childhood.

A collection that surprises us for it’s originality, beauty, and strong brazilian DNA.

A Fabula 9

A Fabula 8

A Fabula 7

A Fabula 6

A Fabula 3

A Fabula 4

A Fabula 2

A Fabula 1

Ana Livia Harada

Ana Livia Harada

Ana Livia, graduated in fashion design, works with fashion for 20 years, specialized in kid's fashion, but consider motherhood her true profession.

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