If you’re a mother and a fan of the italian designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua, this new is for you!

The designer just released the Nº 21 Kids, his first collection dedicated to kids from the age 4 up to 12. The clothing line – FW 2016/17 – was released at the last Pitti Bimbo in January 2016 and the collection will be available for sale in September this year.

“An important milestone for the brand that allows you to extend the range of licenses” – Daid Dell’Acqua, founder and creative director of Nº 21 and Nº 21 Kids. The children’s line is a collection that adds a touch of personality and a dash of fun to your kid’s wardrobe, reports the official release.

“We hope for the opportunity to find the right company to start this experience, says Alessandro Dell’Acqua. The collection for boys and girls aged between 4 and 12 years, is composed by 100 pieces and developed, basically and absolutely, with the DNA, mood and attitude of Nº 21, but without exaggerations and always remembering that it is a children’s collection, respecting the need for comfort of children’s clothing.

The line will be sold worldwide through distribution managed by Grant, following the same channels of adults, and also in the main store of Nº21 in Milan.



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Alessandra Boratto

Alessandra Boratto

Alessandra Boratto, living in Milan since 2008, stylist graduated in Santa Marcelina University, consultant in trend researches, updates her customers about everything that happens in the kid's fashion world.

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