This week we were invited to meet the Sew Lati Couture’s clothes and we liked it so much that we came here to present it for you.

The brand was founded by the designer TJ Hamilton, mother of three kids, who draws her clothes inspired by each one of her children. In other words, different personalities, different clothes. According to Hamilton, each piece of her creations must show the uniquiness of the kid that wears it.

Every mom knows how important is value the comfort when dressing their children. And that’s exactly what we liked about the brand: The clothes are very stylish and yet very comfortable.

The collection’s color palette is full of neutral tones, which makes things easier to mix and match lots of looks.

Pink, gray, black and white are key colors in the brand’s lookbook. And for those who like pastel tones, here’s a good new: The sale section of the website have a lot of pieces that follow this trend!

Curious to see the looks? Come and check it out!

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