Dolce & Gabbana has launched the FW 2017-18 of its children’s line bringing many versatile looks, ideals for both formal and day to day occasions.

The back-to-school was one of the inspirations of the brand, which invested in plaid to increase pieces like dresses, skirts, shorts and blazers.

Another part of the collection was inspired by the Racing team. In this capsule, the sporty looks are accompanied by embroideries and patches. It is worth paying attention to the male jackets that are super edgy.

The classic outfitsare, as always, present in the collection. For the boys, inspirations from the royalty compose elegant but not obvious looks, with highlight for the pieces in velvet and with emblems.

For the girls, timeless floral, shades of red and kitty patterns are the season’s must have.

Check it out!

Dolce & Gabbana Kids AW 2018_16

Dolce & Gabbana Kids AW 2018_19



Dolce & Gabbana Kids AW 20

Dolce & Gabbana Kids AW 2018__4

Dolce & Gabbana Kids AW21



Dolce & Gabbana Kids AW 2018__14

Dolce & Gabbana Kids AW 2018_11

Dolce & Gabbana Kids AW

Dolce & Gabbana Kids AW 2018_7

Dolce & Gabbana Kids AW 2018__3

Dolce & Gabbana Kids AW 2018_9

Dolce & Gabbana Kids AW 2018_12






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