The japanese fashion is recognized worldwide for its eccentricity, originality and creativity. Few countries can boast of having such an authorial fashion as Japan.



For the Japanese, the way of dressing is a tool of communication and expression, so they can print their individuality and feelings.

In the 80’s, the fashion world had its eyes in the country when new designers printed in their collections traces of japanese roots, mixing tradition, technology and modernity with conceptual, urban and futuristic pieces. The modeling was remarkable and genderless, with sculptural and architectural shapes.

The collections stand out by offering typically Japanese clothing, made of natural fabrics dyed with herbs, with neutral colors such as black, gray and earth tones, full of ancestral and ecological values.

This movement has been called Japonism, influencing the fashion at that time, until nowadays.

To my delight I recently discovered an incredible Japanese children’s brand. Super modern, and that sums up in their collections all these characteristics with humor and bright cheerful colors.

Franky Grow was created in 2004 by Chizuko Takai, who was looking for comfortable clothes for children and their parents.

The result are structured pieces, with rich fabrics, shapes, volumes and lots of modernity.

The clothes are anything but ordinary, with balls, stripes, fluorescent colors, bows, pompoms and many irreverent details.

In the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection the colors are more sober and the accessories, like the socks and shoes are the highlights. Check it out!





Ana Livia Harada

Ana Livia Harada

Ana Livia, graduated in fashion design, works with fashion for 20 years, specialized in kid's fashion, but consider motherhood her true profession.

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