What about a little bit of nostalgia to remember with happyness from the 80’s and 90’s today?


Who were a child in one of these decades for sure spent a few hours in front of the TV watching Care Bears, the cartoon with the cutest characters from all the times!


Well, despite it seems it aired for the first time just yesterday, you must know that the cartoon just turn 35 years old. And for those who are wondering if is there some team upa round there to celebrate the date, answer is yes!


Children’s mocc brand Freshly Picked joined with the folks from Care Bears to release an adorable line in tribute to the cartoon.

care bears moccs 10

Care Bears Moccs 9

Care Bears Moccs 8

We went to the brand’s website to check out the news and were amazed by the fun and colorful models, and the prints are just too cute to handle. So hard to choose a favorite one!

Care Bears Moccs 2

Care Bears Moccs 4


While dreaming with an adult model to call our own, we leave you with the mini moccs version.


Check out these cuties!

Care Bears Moccs 1

Care Bears Moccs 3

Care Bears Moccs 5




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