We have seen many first-time moms coming up in the world of business inspired by their children, either focusing on something practical and useful for their children or standing out the fashion preferences of their kids based on their routine.

Many e-commerce websites show the daily care that they embody and want to share with others.

With Kim Kardashian wasn’t different: the small “North” was the real incentive for her to invest in the children’s fashion segment.

To our delight, Vogue wrote a super exclusive article about Kim, in which she quoted “Fashion Kids” as inspiration for her creations!

Yes, we were super happy and honored, after all we gather the best of fashion with emphasis on children that like to be updated as much as their parents.

Kim’s children’s clothing line is affordable, ranging from $ 25 to $ 35, so it makes you want to buy everything!

Both for girls and for boys, we can find dresses, skirts, pants, t-shirts, shirts and even stylized overalls. Graphic prints, frills and straight cuts were also part of the new collection.

Her products have been launched recently in the online store, and the news is that since April 13, the prestigious nordstrom.com also started to sell Kim’s products!

Ok, you can now choose and fall in love for the pieces that the kids are already using. We loved it and you?


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Fashion Kids

Fashion Kids

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