Fans of children’s clothing with a retro touch will love the outfits from La Coqueta Kids, a British brand whose clothes are made in Spain and which, with each collection, surprises by the style and beyond unusual references.


For it’s spring/summer collection, the brand was inspired by filmmaker Wes Anderson and his style of exploring the transition from childhood to adult life. By this you can already have some wonderful expectations for the pieces. And La Coqueta Kids does not disappoint: The outfits are really beautiful and rich in detail that, at every moment, make us feel transported to the screens of classic fun movie.


For this season, the brand brought florals, knit, pastel tones and a navy touch with stripes, besides shades of red and blue.

La Coqueta SS 17 1

La Coqueta SS 17 3

La Coqueta SS 17 19


For the girls, knee high socks and metallic shoes are the must have.

La Coqueta SS 17 10

metallic shoes la coqueta

La Coqueta SS 17 6


For boys, basic colors, plaid and avarcas are the highlights for a modern funky look.

La Coqueta SS 17 17

La Coqueta SS 17 18

la coqueta ss 17 25


The brand is super complete and sells clothes for girls, boys and babies, as well as accessories. In this collection, they also brought beach wear pieces and the result was way too cute!

la coqueta ss 17 beach wear


If like us, you’re in love with the pieces, the good news is that they ship worldwide!

La Coqueta SS 14 21

La Coqueta SS 17 22

La Coqueta SS 17 13

La Coqueta SS 17 7

La Coqueta SS17 15

La Coqueta SS 17 2

La Coqueta SS 17 20

la coqueta ss 23




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