Raphaela Buck, from São Paulo, Brazil, is a success wherever she goes with her looks, assembled with the help of mom, the stylist Elga Buck.
So much success is not strict to the streets that she walks. The five-year-old girl also rocks on the Internet and has 103K followers on her Instagram account @raphaela.buck, which are daily delighted by her charisma and for her funky little clothes.

Rapha Buck 2

Rapha Buck 3


For the mother daughter duo, a simple walk can turn into a photo shoot, with just a camera or cell phone in hands, a little bit of creativity and some cute poses, Rapha’s specialities.


In the photo shoot that we show today, Elga told us that the pictures were taken on an ordinary day, when Rapha accompanied her to her work, something that happens frequently since the mother usually has meetings in the morning and the little one studies in the afternoon.

Rapha Buck 7

Rapha Buck 4


For those who wants to copy the look, everything is from Joyfolie.

Rapha Buck 5

Rapha Buck 6

Rapha Buck 1


Everybody saying “Awwwww!”




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