With the release of the live action of Beauty and the Beast approaching, every now and then news related to the movie appear to liven up our anxious hearts.


The last one was the launch of a Mini Melissa inspired by the movie, which gained an enchanting version for the little girl’s feet.


The mix of references to the Beauty and the Beast resulted in an Ultragirl that has everything to be the season’s must have!


The models of the pump appear in two exclusive versions. In the first one, the rose plays the lead role in the model, with application on the top, in the colors red and candy pink combined with black, yellow and rose. The second version brings two of the most dear characters of the history: Lady Samovar, the teapot, and Zip, the cup of tea.


The Mini Melissa + Beauty and The Beast is already for sale at Melissa’s e-commerce and physical stores.


Check out the cuties with us!






Flavia Araujo

Flavia Araujo

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