Aways a must have around the globe, Melissa is a success here everytime the brand launches a new collection.


We gave a preview of what was going to happen Melissa’s SS 18 here, but the good news is the official catalogue of the collection was just released, bringing news and many colors for the little girl’s feet.

Shooted by the brazilian photographer Erika Verginelli and styling by Barbara Chire, the photos have as backdrop fun illustrations that match the always cheerful Melissa style.

The result was so beautiful that it’s hard to choose a favorite photo of the campaign.

Check it out!

__Mini Melissa SS 18__

__Mini Melissa SS 2018_

_Mini Melissa SS 18_




_Mini Melissa SS 18__

_Mini Melissa SS 2018

_Mini Melissa SS 2018_






Mini Melissa SS 18





Creative Agency: La Baraque
Art Direction: Kleber Matheus
Illustration: Ana Strumpf
Fashion Photography: Erika Verginelli
Photography Assistants @patcorvo @caiuafranco @erika.roger
Still photography: Xico Buny
Styling: Barbara Chiré Renata Akemi
Beauty: Amanda Schon Renata Brazil
Image Edition: ImageTouch




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