Confirming its vocation for the contemporary romantic, Monnalisa showed in Pitti Bimbo looks inspired by Victorian fashion, rich in details such as lace and embroidery, as well as appliqués in the art deco style.


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To go with puffed dresses and skirts, the brand’s gamble for the winter were maxi coats and cardigans, which appear in both classical as modern versions (special attention to metallic pieces).

For the season, Monnalisa also brought pants that value the cutting, always original, fun and modern.

The prints were inspired by flower bouquets and give a romantic and feminine touch to the looks.

Among the fabrics, sweatshirt, tulle for festive occasions and velvet with wet effect are the stand out.

The basic color palette for the winter includes mauve, grey, fuchsia and pomegranate.

 Check out the looks!

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