Sneakers are, hands down, a footwear that every kid has in the closet. It is the best accessory for the practice of sports, physical activities, to go to school, to the club, and to daily use.

Therefore, it is normal that it is an essential item, after all, in this age, comfort is a priority in any production

However, when it’s time for choosing a more sophisticated look, for a walk or a party, many girls insist in matching skirts or delicate dresses with sneakers.

What was once unacceptable, nowdays can be considered a super fashion look and, full of personality and style

This happens because the shoes industry, realizing this demand, created a serie of soft and delicate footwear, with a modern design, divesting of the image that sneakers has to be heavy and exclusive for physical activities.

With skirt or dress, bet on traditional brands like Converse All Star, Superga, Keds,  which can be found in different colors, fabrics and prints.

The high-top sneaker may replace the boots, and matches very well with short skirts.

The white sneaker is being considered one of the fashionista’s favorites. It’s a democratic color e totally neutral.

In short, adopt this trend, it is practical, comfortable and super stylish. There are many models available on the market, with various prices and models, being a democratic trend and an assertive purchase.

Oh! And your daughter will love it! Need to say more?







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Ana Livia Harada

Ana Livia Harada

Ana Livia, graduated in fashion design, works with fashion for 20 years, specialized in kid's fashion, but consider motherhood her true profession.

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