Sharing thoughts through fashion is trending more than ever. Through t-shirts, blouses and accessories, it is possible to express opinions, tastes, feelings and humor with words or phrases that make a statement.


And this trend is not restricted only to the adult wardrobe! More and more children’s brands are investing in the trend, and the result are cool and full of attitude outfits also for the little ones.


Instagram proves it: Babies and children wearing the trend rock their looks and take away the breath of followers that are into bold fashion.


We love this trend because besides being a fun form of expression, it is very easy to match, in addition to serving for both genders.


Looking for references on the internet to show you, we found lots of outfits that will make you want to wear this trend too.


Get inspired by our selection!




Flavia Araujo

Flavia Araujo

Compulsive reader, tv series addicted, pet lover and probably the most curious person in the world.

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