It’s been a while since neutral tones are a huge success in fashion and the cool thing about it is that over the years this color palette is getting bigger. This way, nowadays we have several pretty and far from ordinary options in this style also for kids.


Here in FashionKids we are fans of outfits in those tones, especially when there is a mix between them, and it was in one of our searches for news that follow this trend that we met Wilson & Frenchy’s clothes. It was love at first sight so we had to show you guys!

Besides the basic colors, another striking feature of the brand are the delicate prints. With geometric fugires, cute little animals, leaves, cactus, among others, the pieces from Wilson & Frenchy are perfect for those who are fans of no gender productions. They even have a unisex category on their website that is great for those occasions in which there is inheritance of outfits between brothers and sisters.

The brand also has a knitting line and also offers options of sleepwear and bedding.

Besides, they have just released their SS 2018 collection with pretty and fresh outfits for the sunny days.

Based in Australia, Wilson & Frenchy delivery worldwide. So for those who are interested in having a piece of the brand, the good News is that it is possible! Just take a look at the shipping conditions on their website.

Check out the outfits with us!







GWF273_Fly Away Hooded Jacket

















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