What does the color mean?


“The deep PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet symbolizes the experimentation and not conformism, leading individuals to expand boundaries through creative solutions.” Definition of this color according to the Pantone.

Pantone is recognized internationally as the leading source of color information ,through seasonal trend studies, customized color development and recommendation of color palettes for products and corporate identity.


Ultra Violet is the color of 2018 and for sure you will see not just in clothing items, but also in design and decoration.

How to include this color in the day to day of our FK’s? Here’s everything you need to know to try this color that is already a success!

Whether in a new piece to compose a look, a theme for a children’s party decor and even for re-decorating a forgotten room in your house. We prepared 3 different ways for you to try the Ultra Violet trend:

1. How to use Ultra Violet in children’s outfits?

Although it’s not a classic or clean color, this is a great opportunity to try something out of the obvious (pink, blue) for the kids.

Rule of the strongest color: Match neutral tones, like gray and rosé for warm days and gray and black for cold days.This way the risk of making a mistake is close to zero!

And in case you want to be bold, you can try a color block matching the tone with red or some shades of green.
In terms of prints, floral is the perfect choice! Shoes, caps or handbags, the use is free to follow the ‘strongest color rule’!


2. How to use the Ultra Violet palette in children’s party decor?

We know that the little ones love superheroes and princesses, so thinking about it, we have selected some decor items that can follow the Ultra Violet trend on your project.

Princesses like Sofia and Rapunzel are one of the themes that allows the possibility of incorporating the color of the moment in a conceptual way. How?

– Transparent balloons, violet and gold.
– Flavoured juices with lavender dye.
– Donuts, macarrons and other candies.
– And finally, an idea that is not so usual at children’s party, but it’s beautiful ans very easy to do. Use violets or lavender flowers over a white cake. It is worth using them also on the table’s decor!


3. How to redecorate the room using Ultra Violet tone items?

We start by choosing a piece of furniture, a wardrobe or a desk, I’m sure it will highlight and bring life to the little one’s room.

Another alternative is to paint one or two walls of the room, that with some light effects will give a profound effect of outer space!

Pillow covers, blankets, chenille or rugs, are simple and special pieces to change your environment!


So, ready to start?!





Gabrielle Leal

Gabrielle Leal

Gabrielle Leal, marketing student, producing content Fashion Kids since 2013, unconditional Pinterest lover, love a diy and is fan of children who dress better than you!

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