One of the mom’s favorite fast fashion to dress their little ones, Zara just launched its Autumn/Winter 2016 bringing several options to dress up the kids at more affordable prices.

The collection brings a mix of current trends, such as patches (which we talked about here), fake fur and the famous bomber jackets, besides several key pieces such as jeans and synthetic leather coats.

In the color palette, sober tones and easy to match with each other, such as blue, red, black and white.

Curiosity: Part of the campaign’s photos was made in black and white, bringing an super cute retro mood to the collection.

Come check it out with us!

Zara AW 10

Zara Aw 5

Zara AW 9

Zara Aw 6

Zara AW 12

Zara AW 8


Zara AW 4

Zara AW 7

Zara AW 3

Zara AW 2

Zara AW

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