Our post is a Mother’s Day Special”, more precisely for all the moms to be!


Lots of first-time moms and even those that are expert in motherhood, don’t know some style tricks to value not only the pieces of clothing but also what is good for their body, and believe me, your belly will transform your wardrobe!


That’s why we are going to help you with 10 tips to not make any mistakes in the looks!


1 – Pieces in cotton are the best options, if you have some in your wardrobe, they will be your allies in comfort!


2 – Pieces with a marked waist keep the silhouette in place. It is worth investing in a neutral belt. In the case of wearing coats, take advantage of the strips!


3 – Neutral and classic tones reduces the probability of making mistakes.


4 – Subtle prints are aways a good choice!


5 – All overlays like; Blazer, Cardigan, Coat, should be below the hip, to lengthen the sillouette!


6 – T-shirt are aways a solution! Cool and comfortable! Match it with accessories.


7 – Must have: Denim shirt that you can wear open or with a knot.


8 – Say yes to long skirts, as long as you follow tip ‘1’ above. Match with a t-shirt with a knot and a hat for a peasant look.


9 – To work, it is worth to try a dress with a shirt fabric, following the tip ‘1’, it is success!


10 – The last but not less important, nothing worth the discomfort of this happy moment, shoes should be a personal choice, aways focus on your well-being.


We have selected some looks to inspire you!


A Happy Mother’s Day, for the future moms and for all the Fashion Kids mommies!


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Gabrielle Leal

Gabrielle Leal

Gabrielle Leal, marketing student, producing content Fashion Kids since 2013, unconditional Pinterest lover, love a diy and is fan of children who dress better than you!

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