This week’s cutie is all about the release of Mama Said, vídeo from the american brand GAP, which brought together a team of famous moms to celebrate motherhood and support Every Mother Counts.


Gap Mothers Day 2017

Gap Mothers Day 2017 6


In the video, the brand brings together famous moms like Liv Tyler, Coco Rocha, and Jurnee smollett-Bell who, by the side of their children, share moments of love and tenderness. In addition, the cast also shares stories about the joys of motherhood.


Although everyone wears GAP on the screen, the video is not only a regular Mother’s Day campaign. It is also a Call to action that encourages viewers to donate to Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safer for mothers.



Press play to see the video above! Below, some images of mothers with their little ones.

Gap Mothers Day 2017 2

Gap Mothers Day 2017 3

Gap Mothers Day 2017 4

Gap Mothers Day 2017 5

Gap Mothers Day 2017 7

Gap Mothers Day 2017 1




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