Green by Missako, brazilian children’s brand, surprises again with another creative and beautiful campaign, with the statement: The well does well.

‘Taking care of what we love, give love and care to those who need and exchange experiences to know better where we live.’

With this message, the pieces that mark the arrival of the new season have been divided into four capsule collections, which refer to the universe of four NGOs that make the world a better place.

In a playful way, Green counts through clothes and prints the inspiring histories of persons who do the difference through small gestures.

The children’s label believes that all should give wings to the dreams so they can happen and fly. We, from FashionKids, believe that brands like these can make a difference in the world and have a positive impact on future generations. We give our congratulations to the brand! For more actions and dreams like these.

Up next, a short interview with the brand’s marketing coordinator, Flavia Mattos, who explains the process of creating a successful campaign.


FK: Green always cares to create campaigns with content, with a message, and with many positive values. In this collection, which was the criterion for the choice of NGOs, and how each one inspired the prints and capsules collections?

Green: The idea of the campaign is to show people that good things come from the small things, inside our own home. A simple good morning, thank you, makes all the difference! This way, we chose people who began to do the good with a simple gesture and multiplied it. In this campaign we have the mission to create a good stream and disseminate the most of all NGOs! The NGOs are: Vagalume, Cidades sem fome, Flor Gentil and Noronha eu amo eu cuido. Our fashion designers went deeper into the activity of each one of the NGOs to create the prints of the collection. For example, in the collection named Cities without hunger, which promotes community gardens, were developed playful prints inspired by lettuces, zucchinis and banana trees. In the Gentle flower collection, that promotes kindness through flower delivery for the elderly in nursing homes, brings many florals. And so was our imagination that permeated not only in the clothes, but in the campaign, the visual merchandising and the whole communication.

FK: Green somehow is always caring about social works. In other collections you already have partnered with Graacc (Brazilian Support Group for Teenagers and Children with Cancer). There will be in the next collections other partnerships?

Green: Yes, we plan new partnerships connected to the third sector. We try to know each partner in depth so that we can help them in the best way, bringing innovative ideas. An example is our current collection. The NGOs have different sizes and do different jobs. Talking to each representative, we realize that the critical point is to raise funds, since energy, will and great ideas they all have! As we become partners of Graacc on our previous collection and they have a very challenging revenue target we propose a meeting between us all and called it Café do Bem. The idea was to exchange knowledge and bring new practices and ideas to improve the work of all of us. We also have the participation of Catarse, a crowndfunding company. It was a very special moment!

FK: Green catalogues were turned into object of wish and a collection item, so you turned them into books. How this idea appeared? How was the process of preparation of the book for this collection?

Green: We used to do catalogs as all the stores, but we realized that we could be more than a clothing brand. Mark this important moment for the childhood and the parent-child interaction would be very special!  We already developed the whole collection and the communication based on subjects and values in which we believe. So why not the catalogue? Considering all this, we invite authors and illustrators to develop our book, just to spread even more these themes! We have already made 9 editions and we have more special news for the 10th. And the coolest thing is that we encourage reading, because the books are in our stores and in major bookstores in the country. One of them, by the way, was chosen by the Secretary of Education of the State of São Paulo as a textbook. We are proud parents of this project!

As mentioned before, for this collection we have the mission to pread the NGOs. We studied a lot, and we think that the book would not be the best way, since it would communicate a bit of each one of them and would have to be one material for all. We want to highlight! Therefore, all communication from this collection was different. We map all points of customer contact and develop strategies for NGOs to be in all of them, including in the showcase. Each one has about a month to highlight and in the catalog is no different. We’re already planning the next book collection, that will be very special.

FK: A future plan for the brand?

Green: We are growing and with a new project for the store design, designed by the architect Arthur Casas. The idea is that the store itself is the showcase and the clothes and prints, the decor. Besides, we have the challenge to overcome, day after day, since innovation is in our DNA. The next collection, for example, will be completely different from what we have in stores nowdays and so all the communication strategy.

green-by-missako-verao-2017-2  green-by-missako-verao-2017-4



Bellow the NGOs and Green by Missako website:

Green By Missako

Vaga Lume

Flor Gentil

Cidades sem Fome

Noronha Eu Amo Eu Cuido


Ana Livia Harada

Ana Livia Harada

Ana Livia, graduated in fashion design, works with fashion for 20 years, specialized in kid's fashion, but consider motherhood her true profession.

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