Our Halloween was frighteningly awesome!

This year we received over 2700 pictures! Thanks parents for the imagination, you have provided big smiles in FashionKids.

1 12070904_1507554366230236_1203053876_n

by @blogali

Trick or treat? 😀

Check out the best Fashion Kids looks!

2 12120279_749515275176883_1307428239_n

by @terry_reid

3 10731455_1510256305954232_1071201359_n

By @mcmillantwinsnmom

4 12093695_1477788819218605_562294220_n

Lady Gaga By @harlowfaith

5 12106138_1066409680050673_855592854_n

Umpa Lumbas By @alanoahstyle

6 11925719_843280222436337_1154622669_n

E.T. phone Home By @mav_1020

7 12142462_1677269242517200_38276252_n

By @lc_0214 In love with this “Snow White”.

8 12144323_1056418121069413_717359654_n

WHY SO SERIOUS? By @michaelrangamiz

9 12080582_824417867684516_285791038_n

He is too cute to scare By @jenniegizelle

10 12142212_869502029814459_418765748_n

Axl and Slash By @maymata

11 12106062_1693762850868709_1295724642_n

Iroman and Maleficient By @theprinceandthep

12 12081295_688575641278086_565194306_n

Gorgeous @ewkak

13 12135396_422816684577764_1927140426_n

By @brcnky

14 12063117_986495281415757_1010742493_n

We are finishing the Halloween day with this cute and funny picture by @taniapame070293 .


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