Bárbara Chiré is one of those people who are always moving, full of ideas, talking, laughing, creating, playing and having fun at the same time. But mostly, the kind of special person that shines, because she does what she likes, so it’s easy for her to creat great things without much effort. For this and many other reasons, FashionKids is her number one fan.

Considered one of the greatest professionals in children’s fashion market in Brazil, her name is behind the big fashion shows, the most beautiful campaigns and the most creative editorials. Her work? Stylist and fashion editor.

She also has a YouTube  channel entitled Deixa Ficar Kids, besides being a fashion columnist, and a big fond of children. And there’s more! The brand Chico Rei closed an amazing partnership inviting Barbara for creative direction where she developed 6 prints for a special collection entitled Deixa Ficar Kids that will be released next week in celebration of children’s day in Brazil and will be sold in their website!

We talked a little bit with her to spread her beautiful work and inspire all of those who love the children’s universe like us!


barbara-chire-entrevista-fashionkids-enFK: Bárbara, how is your daily routine? Tell us about your work as a stylist.

It is a very dynamic and irregular work. Styling involves many steps and, since many jobs happen at the same, time these steps are mixed. In the same day I do research for a client and set looks to another with completely different briefings. I never know what I will be doing the following week and the schedule changes so much that it is impossible to plan anything, it is important to go solving things as they are happening. Much of the work is in front of the computer, assembling presentations, researching and answering many emails. At night is when I sit down to write the columns, and review the edits of looks and clothes try on, which requires more concentration.


FK: What are your major sources of inspiration to create your works and be different in this competitive market?

I get inspired a lot in my travels. When I’m traveling I seek inspiration in everything, including experiences that has nothing to do with fashion. I take a lot of pictures and I go to exhibitions. I try to go through the places and look at them as the children would look, it helps me get out of the obvious.


FK: After many years of work as a stylist, you realized the difficulty of many mothers to dress their children properly. Then came TiraPõeDeixaFicar. Tell us about this channel? What, in fact, the public should know about it?

I began to feel that mothers did not find what they were seeking and that the brands were creating very cool products, but mothers were not knowing. Then came TiraPõeDeixaFicar, which is a consultative channel for both the mothers and the brands. We have a facebook page and a instagram with lots of news, but my focus is the youtube channel, Deixa Ficar Kids.

In it I interview designers, show a bit of national and international fairs where brands launch their collections and talk about the upcoming trends, always with tips on how to use and a selection of the coolest pieces.

It is a supplement to the editorial market, the mothers used to read magazines before but now the informations are everywhere and, in the middle of so many things, it is cool to have a fashion editor doing a summary of everything and passing the information in a simple and personal way.


FK: The channel also talks about the children’s market in general, as visited fairs, trends etc. How do you see the children’s fashion scenario in Brazil regarding to the foreing market?

The national market is very different from the international, the resources are different and so is the public. In straight comparison we are in disadvantage, but the rhythm here is different, not everything that we find beautiful there would be well received here. International trends take a time to arrive here and, when they arrive, it take a long time for them to be replaced. We have a linear fashion, but cheerful, colorful and fun, which I love.

I often do not generalize, but what I still love about the international brands is the way they create a whole atmosphere, you go into the store and it is an immersion in a universe created by the brand. When you realize, you’re not even buying products, you are wanting to take home a little bit of everything.


FK: What kind of work that gives you more satisfaction? What is the difference between producing a fashion show or a fashion campaign for example?

My biggest passion are the fashion editorials. I love being able to mix all brands and create a new and independent image. Putting the looks together is always amazing and that’s when I create the editorial climate and when I see everything photographed, I have a lot of satisfaction. But without a doubt, the best time of all is when the child interacts, when they find beautiful outfit or just look at the camera amazed with everything that is happening, like if they were in a play. This is an experience that we have only in pictures, in fashion shows, for example, everything is so fast that I don’t even have time to enjoy the time with the children, its another dynamic.

The fashion show is all prepared before, at the time the greatest power is in making all get in line and check if they are all wearing their shoes! While in a fashion editorial or campaign the time with the child is where it all really happens.


FK: To finish our interview, why children’s fashion?

I don’t have a very clear answer, but I think I always really enjoyed being a kid. Maybe that’s why I communicate so well with them, kids have much respect for me, obey me, are my friends, invite me to enter in their world.

Besides I am in love with this universe of small proportions, of colorful and creative things. All the products done for children fascinate me. When working with adult fashion I did not feel as comfortable as with kidswear, the more I see the more I want to see and the more I create more I want to create. Creat a children’s look is already amazing, but dressing the children is magical.

Website: barbarachire.com

Facebook: facebook.com/tirapoedeixaficar

Instagram: instagram.com/tirapoedeixaficar

Youtube: Deixa Ficar Kids









Ana Livia Harada

Ana Livia Harada

Ana Livia, graduated in fashion design, works with fashion for 20 years, specialized in kid's fashion, but consider motherhood her true profession.

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