We love the Kardashian family and every now and then you can catch us talking about them in our conversations here in FashionKids.

By the time we were arranging things for the launch of our new website, Kim became the mother of a boy, so we had no doubts about whom to choose to be our first interviewed!

We were very curious to know how was her life, which is now the mother of a couple, what were the plans for Kardashian Kids, her advice about children’s fashion … Anyway, we had a lot of questions!

And you can check all of them in an exclusive interview that Kim gave to FashionKids!

Check it out!

Now that you’re mother of a boy and a girl, which one do you think is easier to dress?

It’s so much fun dressing them both. North is a little older now so she has her own opinions on what she wants to wear, which doesn’t necessarily make it easier to dress her, but it’s always interesting to see what she picks. Everything we choose for our son is all about keeping him comfortable and happy, and outfits we can change him in and out of easily.

What advice would you give to moms about dressing their kids?

When North was a baby, and with Saint now, it’s important to me that they wear pieces that are soft, comfortable and simple. Nothing that’s going to distract them from everything that’s going on around them. Babies grow so fast, but you should think about quality over quantity and try to invest in well-made pieces made from soft fabrics that can handle all the washing and wear. For toddlers it’s a little different. North is at the stage where she wants to do everything herself, especially choosing her outfits and getting dressed, so to make it as easy as possible I buy clothes that she can slip on herself like pants with stretchy waistbands and sweaters with a wide neck. Toddlers don’t grow as fast and so you can hold onto pieces for longer, and they start to develop their own sense of style, so I’ve started giving her more control over her outfits, but still within boundaries, so I’ll let her pick out her color theme and then we pick the pieces together, or I give her two options and she’ll pick her favorite.

What were your inspirations for the new Kardashian Kids looks?

We always start by looking at pieces that our own kids love to wear. My niece Penelope loves playsuits and dresses and Kourtney is really into prints, so you’ll see a lot of those pieces in the spring collection. North loves her tutus and jackets, and I’m really into the unisex look, so there are pieces that both little girls and little boys can wear. Girls can wear the white tutu with the boys bomber jacket, or the new faux leather panel leggings with one of the boys tops and it would look really cute.

Are there things in your kids’ wardrobes that will always be “in” and things that will always be “out?”

I have a feeling tutus are going to be in for a while, lol! Comfy boots and sneakers that we can throw on and go with everything. I won’t buy anything that’s scratchy on the skin or could be uncomfortable to wear.

In terms of kids fashion, do you think “less is more” or should kids be able to wear everything they want?

This is a battle I think a lot of moms face daily. You want to give your kids the opportunity to express themselves, and develop their own sense of style, but the Princess Elsa outfit isn’t always appropriate! For me it really helps to give choices, so that they think they are making the decision, but really you’ve already picked out for them.

What importance do you think Fashionkids and kids fashion on Instagram has on the kids fashion market?
Kids fashion has changed so much in the last few years and social media has played a big part in that. There is this whole kids fashion community on Instagram now, and I think the Fashion Kids and Kardashian Kids channels have really helped build that. We’ve always been about connecting directly with our fans, and it’s the same with our Kardashian Kids Instagram. We post real kids wearing our pieces and we even found some of the models for our campaign shoots on Instagram. It’s also the first place we go to for feedback. We know what pieces people love, or what looks they want to see from the comments on our posts, so it’s changing the way brands and designers create their collections.

What can we expect for the new Kardashian Kids collection?

We’ve expanded the line up to age seven for both boys and girls so I’m looking forward to seeing how the older kids look in everything. There’s an adorable white leotard and tutu inspired by North’s ballet outfit that I think everyone’s going to love. For the boys there are a couple of smart button-up shirts, but it’s a really comfy collection in soft fabrics. Hoodies, jersey t-shirts, henley tops and draw string shorts. It’s definitely my favorite collection so far.

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Credits: Top picture by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue Magazine

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