This post is about Guilherme Kramer. From his work, emerge vivid faces and detailed landscapes, seen in the streets, as well as in the depths of his imagination.

I met him at school. By that time, he already used to drawn his classmates, with the typical traits of his work, half caricature, with strong traits, especially with humor, creativity and a little bit of chaos…He was already curious, and looked at the world and the situations in a peculiar way.

I read that his fascination with crowds results in studies of the masses in different contexts. They are the translation of days spent on public transportations, popular festivals, protests and other big reunions.

Compulsive, the artist is able to fill large sheets of paper, canvas and other surfaces in what he calls ‘spontaneous art’, unloading all the information he captures on his urban crossings.

Since then, the Gui has become a great artist.

Guilherme Kramer

His work has been exposed through several places like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Lisbon, Barcelona, Rome, Bogotá, Bern, Azores and Paris.

From 2012 to 2014, he studied Arts Applied to the Wall at the Massana School in Barcelona, ​​dedicating himself to the techniques of painting, pottery, mosaic and stained glass, as well as a specialization in Art Therapy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Recently, my attention was caught by his new work, with the special participation of his daughter Nara, the result is a work full of creativity and love. A children’s look to the unknown. A great adventure that father and daughter joined together creating memories that few children will be lucky to have.

I talked to him a bit to tell me about this new phase.

FKNU: I believe that this project with Nara started with no intention, just to express your creativity in a playful way at this new moment of your life. Does this set of works have the intention of becoming an exhibition in the future, or a book?

GK: Yes, this project, which is not a project, started very spontaneously. In the first months of it, in the puerperium, I was very much at home, helping Ju, my wife, in the great change that had happened in our lives: We became parents!

Yes, we have the idea of turning it into a book, with an exhibition, but we still did not format the idea. Soon, maybe!

FKNU: What inspires you while choosing a drawing? How it is this creation process?

GK: The whole process is very free, I have a need to draw that has been with me for a long time, I just need to draw. So when I was going to change Nara’s diapers or when I was taking care of her, I used to put her in the middle of our bed, and she was so little there, in the middle, gesturing a lot. She was always expressive with her hands, I found it funny! That’s when I decided to take a picture of her and at the time I looked, I visualized that she was walking on her imaginary horse. Hands down I has to draw it, and so the series began. So I put her in bed and let her have fun, then I take some pictures. Only after that, from the position or gesture that she made, I begin to make the drawings.

FKNU: Keeping up with her growth over the years is the mainly idea?

GK: Yes, I think of following her, inserting Nara into my make-believe world.

FKNU: Are these works created for the records or are they already existing works?

GK: I’m mixing, new and old things. Everything inside my repertoire.

I finish this post with the feeling that we should all keep our eyes awake, our children souls, one foot in the make-believe, free from the crazy things about this world and believing, and thus creating a parallel universe and why not, true, such as little Nara.


Instagram: @guilhermekramer


Ana Livia Harada

Ana Livia Harada

Ana Livia, graduated in fashion design, works with fashion for 20 years, specialized in kid's fashion, but consider motherhood her true profession.

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