The internet can bring people together, and make them as intimate of our lives and routines as our own friends and family.


But it can have the opposite effect by driving people away from their essences, and their intimate truths to live in a world of illusion.

Perhaps, for all this complexity, my contact with social networks has always been very smooth, without much depth and intimacy.

It turns out I’ve been writing for FashionKids for a while, and I love sharing news, trends, launches, but I never wondered who I wrote for.

And I never wondered if those that would be reading (all of our followers), would like to be introduced to the one who was talking to them.

My writing has always been colloquial, with a purposeful intention of proximity, like if I was chatting with friends in the living room. And for this reason, it’s very weird to think that I never talked about myself for you.

So…Nice to meet you! I am Ana (you can call me that), or Aninha as everyone calls. I am Caetano’s mother, a beautiful and laughing little boy and Lucas stepmom, a boy that I’m very proud of.

I’m writing from Ilhabela where our family chose to live after many years in São Paulo. This story I’ll keep for another post.

I am also a fashion professional, with experience in fashion production, style and marketing especially in children’s fashion.

I worked for important brands in this segment and my passion is the contact with children and their fun, playful and without many prejudices universe.

After almost 20 years in the fashion industry, I finally took the courage to open a small company called Tribo Brincadeiras. Tribo was born with the desire of taking birthday parties back to the people’s house, at a time when partying at buffets was almost mandatory and the prices were way too expensive.

And the best way I found it was the pajama parties. Since then, Tribo has moved from it’s original home, from it’s city, it has also migrated to the segment of weddings, recreation, but has not lost its essence of good product, with simplicity and joy. After all, I learned from all the changes in my life that we can and should live like this, with a few things, the essentials, and find the beauty of life and moments in gestures and acts like a kind word, a smile, a hug, and an always positive attitude.

Dear followers, it doesn’t matter if you’re a mother, father, aunt or grandmother…Let us always be children in our hearts!

Well, now when you read a post of mine you’ll already know who I am. It’s VERY nice to meet you! And who are you?
Tell me, us.





Ana Livia Harada

Ana Livia Harada

Ana Livia, graduated in fashion design, works with fashion for 20 years, specialized in kid's fashion, but consider motherhood her true profession.

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